Regular Saving

Building Cash Lump Sums

It is possible to achieve excellent returns through regular saving with a savings plans, for example

*Investing €200 monthly indexed at 6%

 Lump Sum after 20 years – €84,115
 Lump Sum after 15 years – €54,765
 Lump Sum after 10 years – €31,597

Important:  These illustrations assume a return of 6% per annum.  This rate is for illustration purposes only and is not guaranteed.  Actual investment growth will depend on the performance of the underlying investments and may be more or less than illustrated.

Successful Savings Guidelines.

A few simple rules to help get the best return;

Start on Time
Understand the Planning Goals
Select the right Investment
Review & Track the Investment Performance

*Source Zurich. Assumed Growth Rate is 6%. Indexation applies.

Savings Financial Goals

Buy a Home – lock in the deposit.
Get Married – an expensive time.
Pay College Fees – getting more expensive.
Manage Emergencies -the unexpected demands
Leisure & Fun – if the cash is not required!