ARF’s (Approved Retirement Funds)

Approved Retirement Funds (ARF’s)

Having worked hard to build up your pension fund, you will more than likely want to take control and ownership of it when you reach retirement age.

An ARF allows you to do just that.

Provided your pension fund has been accumulated in certain Qualifying Pension Funds you can select an ARF for your post retirement investment strategy and income planning.

It is a pension investment product and returns in the fund delivers tax free growth.

There are also cash withdrawal options available.


Qualifying Pension Plans

To invest in an ARF, your pension fund must have been accumulated in one or more of the following pension plans.

Personal Retirement Savings Plans (PRSA’S)
Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s)
Occupational Pension Schemes
Buy out Bonds

If your pension funds are invested in more than one of these fund all accumulated funds will qualify to be invested in an ARF.

We can help you invest in an ARF now – OR – build a Pension Plan to take advantage of an ARF in the future.
There are Revenue Rules and Guidelines to follow for both Pensions & ARF’s. We can provide all of the advice, information and help you need to ensure that all planning is managed correctly.