Employer Sponsored Pension

These are excellent value pension plans for Employees / Directors Limited Companies & Owner Directors of SME’s.

Company contributions are tax deductible business expenses for Employers/Business Owners. Employees get all of the tax reliefs and benefits that are available. Flynn & Lynch can set up your plan under the following guidelines.

Revenue Approval – 4 key points.

  1. Scheme must be set up under a legal trust.
  2. Benefits must not exceed revenue approved limits.
  3. Employer must contribute to the cost of the scheme.
  4. Employees do not have to make contributions.

If they do, they qualify for full tax relief and benefits

Plan Set – Up – 6 Steps to follow

  1. Qualification of Director / Employee
  2. Revenue approval and staying within revenue funding limits
  3. Legal Requirements & Trustees
  4. Company and tax deductible business expenses
  5. Employee Tax Relief and Revenue limits
  6. Investment advice and plan

Flynn & Lynch have significant experience of advising Limited Companies & SME’s  in setting up Employer Sponsored Pensions. We ensure maximum tax benefits for both employers and employees within Revenue Rules, organise the legal requirements and very importantly, help you plan well for your retirement.