Group Pension Schemes

Group Pensions Benefits

A group pension is a win /win situation for both the Company and Employees as research demonstrates that group pensions are seen as attractive hiring tools when looking to hire the best staff as sometimes the salary will not be a big enough attraction.

Flynn & Lunch Corporate Service

Flynn & Lunch are experts on Group Pension Schemes and would welcome the opportunity to complete a review of any existing plans that you may have in place.

We can also provide expert advice on set up and selection of suitable scheme providers for new schemes.

Group Pensions Tax Situation

Company Tax Position

Direct taxation benefits are that contributions made by a Company on behalf of qualifying scheme members are all tax deductible as a business expense against trading profits, in the employer’s accounting period in which the contributions were made

Employees Tax Position

Personal Tax Relief on own contributions
Funds accumulate Tax Free in the pension fund
Exempt from Capital Gains and Income Tax
Employees do not pay Benefit In Kind (BIK)
Tax Free Lump Sums available.