Building Cash Lump Sums

It is possible to achieve excellent returns through saving regularly with a savings plans, for example

*Investing €200 monthly indexed at 5%

Tax Free Lump Sum after 20 years – €85,406
Tax Free Lump Sum after 15 years – €55,206
Tax Free Lump Sum after 10 years – €32,639

Successful Savings Guidelines.

A few simple rules to help get the best return;

Start on Time
Understand the Planning Goals
Select the right Investment
Review & Track the Investment Performance

*Source New Ireland. Assumed Growth Rate is 6%

Savings Financial Goals

Buy a Home – lock in the deposit.
Get Married – an expensive time.
Pay College Fees – getting more expensive.
Manage Emergencies -the unexpected demands
Leisure & Fun – if the cash is not required!